Astronomy for Universities & Research (TF1)

The task force on Astronomy for Universities & Research (TF1) drives activities related to astronomy at universities. It uses astronomy to stimulate research in other areas and develop the field in places where there is little or no astronomy. The study of astronomy stimulates research and development activities through the need for inter-disciplinary research as well as the development of observational technology.

Currently we are developing five main projects

  • Working group on astroparticle physics (leader: Luis Núñez, UIS, Colombia).
  • Working group on Radioastronomy (leader: Oscar Ramírez, UECCI, Colombia)
  • Andean Masters Program (leaders: Eduardo Unda-Sanzana, U. Antofagasta, Chile; Jaime Forero, U. Andes, Colombia).
  • Andean Astronomy and Astrophysics School (annual event).
  • Astronomy in the Andes Workshop (biannual event).